That's Not My Baby - Available 2/12/2015

Thanks again for your help, and support. As promised here is the first chapter. 


Chapter 1


“Open this door, Adele.” Charlene pounded on the front door, prepared to knock it down if necessary. “I’m not going anywhere until you open the damn door.” Sweat poured down her back as she continued to hit the door.

“Adele,” Charlene called again and then looked in the garage at Adele’s car. “Spoiled bitch.” Charlene hefted her bag on her shoulder, walked into the garage and touched the hood of the car. As she suspected it was warm, Adele hadn’t been home long and just didn’t open the door. If Brock hadn’t asked that she check on Adele, Charlene would turn around and go home. But family was family, and they’d all made a promise to Jose before he died to watch out for his wife. Times like these, he wished he hadn’t agreed with the others.

“Adele?” She knocked on the garage door and then turned the handle. When it opened, she stopped and looked at the knob. Dread skittered up her spine. Adele ignored a lot of things, but with the last threat of Vincente coming after her, she took security seriously. She wouldn’t leave her door unlocked.

Charlene pulled out her pistol and stepped inside. Inhaling, she didn’t smell anything out the ordinary and stepped forward carefully.

“Adele?” Charlene looked through the kitchen, ignoring the shiny stainless appliances and headed toward the fancy dining room that looked as though it had never been used. Where was she?

A sound caught her attention. Pistol raised she walked toward the sound. Looking ahead she didn’t see the person who ran into her from the side knocking her to the floor before running out the same door she had entered. It took a moment to realize what happened and then she jumped up.

“Adele,” she yelled running toward the back throwing open doors. Fear choked her. “Adele,” she called again.

“Help.” The pitiful sound, just above a whisper, stopped Charlene in her tracks. Spinning she ran to the room she’d left and searched again.

“Adele, where are you?”


With long strides, Charlene reached the closet door and gasped. Bleeding on the floor of the walk in closet lay Adele. Charlene pulled out her phone and called the police. Next she called Mark, her lover, so that he could contact Chief.

She sat on the floor and took Adele’s cold hand. “Help’s on the way,” she whispered wishing she could do more. Was she losing the baby? Who attacked her and why? A basket full of questions and no answers.

“Hurts,” Adele murmured.

Charlene’s eyes filled with tears and spilled down her cheek. “I’m so sorry… so sorry this happened.” The sound of sirens came closer. She stood to open the door so they didn’t break it down. “I’ll be right back, Adele.”

On the way out she stuffed her pistol in her bag, grabbed her wig from the floor where it’d fallen and placed it on her head. A small flag pin on the floor caught her attention. She picked it up and threw it in her bag. Just before she opened the door, she wiped the tears from her face.

“Back here,” she said waving them inside.


The paramedics rushed to the back and attended to Adele while the police asked her questions. The entire time she answered questions she wondered what was a veteran’s eagle pin doing in Adele’s house.