Men of Three X Construction crew

Jamie Fogentas: I've worked with Three X Construction the longest, eight years. I'm a member of Smoke's crew. We hit the roofing, tile, and custom tiles/flooring. Usually, Ross's crew handles electrical, but our team can do that as well.

I have a wife and three kids. In this economy, I know I'd be a statistic. Ex cons have a tough time finding work, let alone good paying jobs. I'm grateful for the second chance I have and have no intention of loosing it. How can I look my wife in the face, after she waited four years for me to get out of prison, and tell her the company closed down? If I did nothing, I'd never be able to look at myself. The boss doesn't want us to get involved, hell we are involved. I pay my mortgage, my car note and my wife's nursing classes through that company. I feel I have a vested interest to make sure it doesn't fold over some bullshit.

Me and a few others have been watching and waiting for the chance to get a hold of the men creeping around the office. Something tells me the boss is getting tired of being what they call 'politically correct." Pretty soon, Ross will take off the gloves and the other bosses will have his back.

Whether they like it or not. Me and a few others plan to get a few punches in. No one should interfere with the food a  man's putting in his family's mouth. No one. Got some good ears on the inside, things are percolating. I'm expecting a blow out pretty soon.

Carlos Lumbar, from Detroit. I've been with the company four years. My old lady is about to give me my second son. This makes our fourth child. Like most of the guys that work here, I'm down with whatever to make sure this company survives. Sheeit, four kids... the insurance alone is worth the price of admission to kicking some ass.

My lady refuses to tie the knot in case something happens and she has to get government assistance again. I been out of lock up for almost five years and she still lives with the fear this is a dream, the home we own a temporary thing. It hurts like hell to think she may be right.

Hell no, we're not going out like that. And if we do, we damn sure ain't going out by ourselves. A serious beat down to the assholes that'd mess with a man's greenbacks.

Joe Greenspan has been with 3 X Construction for the past six years, working on each team but prefers working with Red with pipes and block. He'd been in prison over five years before joining the Prison Build Program. He'd worked construction for years with his uncle and advanced quickly. Ross offered him a job when he got out of prison. He met his wife and they settled in the area, he had a home, a family and like everyone else intended to keep them.

Each of the owners earned his respect, they work as hard and often harder than the rest of the teams. He was down with doing whatever it took to keep the company afloat.

Tank Withers, has a checkered background, no one knows that much about other than he's not a person to mess with. He has a lot of unsavory friends and family. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's something you want to hear. He takes serious exception to the vilolations heaped upon 3X Construction. He's worked on Ross's team the past three and a half years and would be damned if some jealous SOB would destroy so many lives. Without discussion he sets thing in motion, ready to stir things up, so they could finish the madness. Taking matters in his own hands, things explode literally. He has no kids, no woman, no one that'd mourn him if he went missing. At least that's what he thinks.


Julio Cardenas met Smoke in prison and recently took a job as a cabinet maker with 3X Construction. Last we heard he was waiting for Smoke in the parking lot when the kidnappers appeared.

Not much is known about Julio except he's quietly gifted with his hands. He's disappeared and the men need to find him pronto. Julio has reappeared with his own story to tell. He meets Pam and they take off on an adventure in "Loving a Bad Boy. 





Red's Brothers

Frank O.Connor, the eldest of six O'Connors. Owns landscaping company in Pennsylvania. Age 41, single. No kids. But that's a good thing right?  He meets Veronique before Red's wedding and sparks fly. She's a woman who know's what she wants, and right now he's on her menu. Take a look at what they're cooking up in Not this Time.




Roark O'Connor, fourth son, closest in age to Red, and the one everyone says could be his twin, Currently resides in Pennsylvania as Financial Analyst. Age 30, single (for now), no kids. Brenda kinda staked a claim in Ready for Love. (Book Two) We'll see what happens in their story.

Roark & Brenda hit the ground running in Run to You, a story of their rocky romance. Between family and enemies, Roark has his hands full keeping up with his woman. Once he has her back in his arms, he's determined never to let her go!

The Twins (Red's Brothers)

Donald O'Connor, Attorney in Pittsburgh area with thriving practice. He and his twin, Blaine own a lot of property in the surrounding area, including the office building that houses their offices. Sounds like someone has to be in control, right. Yep, this fine specimen of a man is single, age 37, no kids. He lives in a 6,000 sf mansion with his twin and their, ummm...servants.



 Blaine O'Connor, Accountant/Financial Analyst owns BOC Accounting and has a thriving practice. He lives on the outskirts of Pittsburgh and is involved with a lot of troubled youth programs in the city. He sits on the board of a couple charitable organizations and shares the responsibility of managing their large household with his twin, Donald. Blaine, the more social of the two, is one of the most sought after bachelors in Pittsburgh. Age 37, no kids.