Double Trouble

 Twins Blaine and Donald O’Connor had only loved one woman and she had loved each of them. Through a series of events she fled and they never heard from her again, until a call from their brother, Red, changes their lives.

Belinda Moore’s father was dying. That was the only reason she quit her job as a social worker in Florida and moved her two sons to Michigan. It wasn’t so bad, her good friend Pam lived close by with her new husband Julio Cardenas and a host of friends from the construction company he used to work for.

Unfortunately, one of her sons had a hard time adapting to life in the city and fell into all kinds of trouble, which led to Double Trouble walking through a door she had slammed shut a long time ago.

As she wades hip deep through lies and deceit, she must determine what is best for her sons…and for her because Blaine and Donald have no intention of playing fair.