Three X Construction

Three X Construction is an innovative construction company headquartered in Lapeer, Michigan. We pride ourselves on quality service and have received numerous awards for excellence over the years. We contract for the total job and have a 98% rate of on time performance.

As owners of Three X Construction, we have taken the initiative to cross train in Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Mechanical, Brick and Block Masonry, Tile and wood work. By taking these additional steps, we are confident in our abilities to meet the needs of the most discriminating homeowner. Call our office, ask for a planning packet, and we'll take it from there.

Recently, our company has come under attack. We have some ideas who's behind it and possibly why. Each clue takes us through twists and turns, to places we have no desire to go. But the alternative, losing our livelihood, is unacceptable. Geared up, we make the moves necessary to stop the thief, bind the liars and crucify the murderer. Mercy won't be granted until they pay for the damage they've caused to our name.

Honor demands retaliation, and when it comes to that; we are simply the best.lyzRFuniJ7k


Ross Stemple

General Contractor, Master Electrician, Master Plumber.

Over 13 years in the trade, working residential and commercial projects. Pet projects include: Kimani Gardens, a 124 unit apartment complex in South Michigan, Custom built homes displayed proudly in Ann Harbor's Parade of Homes. Mr. Stemple has participated in numerous building projects and to date has built over 300 homes.


Book one:

Have I Told You Lately


Benjamin 'Red' O'Connor





General Contractor, Master Plumber, HVAC Specialist. 

Ten years in the trade working primarily in the residential market. Custom brick projects include three elementary schools in south Michigan. Mr. O'Connor has vast experience in residential construction and to date has built over 250 homes.


 Book Two:

Ready for Love

Bernard 'Smoke' Jones





General Contractor, Master Electrician, Tile and Wood Specialist.  

Ten years in the trade working primarily in the residential market. Mr. Jones has a special touch with wood. His flooring and custom panel designs are in high demand. To date he has built over 250 homes and worked a multitude of special projects.


Book Three:

Where there's Smoke




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