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I was born in rural Mississippi, I don’t want to go into the name of the town and everything, cause many of y’all might know it. Suffice it to say, things are different down south and definitely in Mississippi. My mama and I have a love ya, hate ya relationship. She had me when she was a teen. For years, I thought my grandma was my mother.

Years later, she married and grandma insisted she handle her ‘responsibility’. I was seven at the time and resented being uprooted by someone I’d always thought of as a relative, not anyone maternal. Resentful of the ass-whoopings I received in her care, I rebelled. Once I hit middle school, I had a little height and weight on me, Mama couldn’t tell me nothing. I made decent grades, but I hung out late with friends and chased girls, fast girls who wanted to be caught.

Ma was cool until her husband left her for some man. I’d never seen anyone crawl into a shell as my mama did that summer. Worse, she discovered she’d finally gotten pregnant. Seems they’d been trying for years and it hadn’t happened. She went into a downward spiral.

Ironically, her ex was ecstatic. The divorce changed and became ugly. He lost the visitation-custody battle he’d waged. Shit, he must’ve forgotten he was in the south. Because he moved around so much, she was unable to pin him down and collect child support. Over the next few months, she went from proud homeowner, to owner on the streets, since she couldn’t pay the mortgage.  We returned to grandma’s. Mama turned bitter and angry, despising everyone. I stayed as far from her as possible. Grandpa didn’t play the messing up in school thing, so as long as my grades were decent they left me alone. Playing sports in high school eased my way into more girls’ panties than before. I fell in love with a particular part of women. (Bow wow)

 Even then, I knew college wasn’t for me. I couldn’t wait to join the military and leave home. At eighteen, I thought I would see the world, and for four years, I did. Japan, Korea, Texas. I planned to make the military my life, until I made the first of many stupid mistakes and was released from Uncle Sam’s care. Same thing, not going to get into that, let’s say the discharge wasn’t favorable. At twenty-two, I had no desire to return home and hooked up with a partner from the service. We headed for Detroit, I played drums and he had a decent voice, we thought it’d be worth a try. I bombed. Heads up, Detroit’s not for amateurs. My partner got some small gigs and moved on.

In love with Detroit, I decided to make it home. Weeks of not finding a job, put a strain on my small savings. Listening to bad advice, I made another stupid mistake, got involved with stealing. It evolved to grand theft, and just like I’m going to put my foot in the sucker’s ass that’s stealing from us, I got caught for assault. See no one likes being robbed.

I went to prison during intake I met Red. A simple nod, that was all. After that whenever we saw each other, we’d talk, get in a little comic relief. The man’s a clown. We took a lot of grief behind that, so when the opportunity to join the Prison Build Program came, he and I jumped on it. We met Ross, the three of us worked as a team. In retrospect, it’s amazing how well we clicked building our projects. Even then, we flowed in our strengths. Ross can see beyond the moment and recognize the final product. I’d build the template from Ross’s mouth for the spoken idea. Red put his hands to creating the masterpiece, with each of us assisting. Now, we have a problem. Someone’s decided they want to destroy what took us years to build.


 I enjoy my fine wines, my Benz and Hummer, my condo in a gated community and more pus*y than I know what to do with. Don’t let the civilized veneer fool you. Beneath the urbane polish beats the heart of a predator. Always was and always will be. No one takes from me. No one. All three of us feel that way. I’m the calm one, my one goal is to make sure you cannot walk away from the beat down I administer. Ross has a slow fuse, but when lit he’s a power blast that rains hard and fast on anyone in his way. Red has a short fuse, but it burns fiery hot. He rarely forgets and fights long. Whoever chose to screw over us made a deadly error. Emphasis on dead.


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