Red's background

 I'm the youngest in a large brood of Irish/Latina/Bahamian

family. We're all mixed up and live in an integrated

neighborhood. My parents suffered for what our families

called mixing it up. Claimed it was against God and nothing

good would ever come of it. Of course, my pops paid them

no mind and married his childhood sweetheart and

forty-three years later, they're still a team.  And according to

Ma, still hitting it  pretty regular.

I have four older brothers, one set of twins between two others and an older

sister Moira. Don't see or hear much from her since her husband was sent to

Japan with the military. She talks to the parents pretty regular, so I guess it's all

good. My brothers live in all over Pennsylvania, where we grew up. Ma and 

pops still live in the same house and neighborhood from when we were kids.

Pops still has his drunken fights on Friday, and clocks in on time every Monday.

Ma never worked. She makes it a point to tell all her boys, he takes real good

care of her. She expects us to follow his example in that regard.

Roark’s closest to my age and people say we are the most similar in looks and

personality. They could be right, he's just smarter than me and never got caught.

He's my finance man, keeps things straight for me, invests my money and

makes sure my mom and Denise get whatever they need.

The twins bought a large house outside Pittsburgh and from what I hear it's a

beauty. One of the twins is a lawyer and the other a financial analyst. Both are

successful and own a lot of property. I discovered they live an alternative

lifestyle, it blew me away, but hey, they're my brothers, I love em. My brother

Frank owns some type of commercial landscaping company. I remember

working for him during the summers before I was picked up for assault. Now, a

lot of criminals say they didn't commit the crime they're in prison for. They lie.

Most of us did the shit they locked us up for. No question, I tried to give the little

fucker a new hole for stealing my new motorcycle and wrecking it. I didn't give a

shit we were partners who got high together. A man's ride is sacrosanct, like his

woman. Fortunately, he didn't die but he'll probably never have kids either. If I

wasn't such a hell raiser back then, I wouldn't have spent so much time in and

out of juvie and then prison. Smoke and I caught hell for being friends and

signed up for the Prison Build Program. It saved our lives. Prison is no place to

assert your independence, we learned that quick.

We met Ross in the program and the three of us created our team. As different

as we are, we clicked and decided we were gonna get paid building homes.

Good thing, cause a couple years later I met Denise Brown. I'll never forget the

night I went to this black club with a couple of guys from work. I'd been raised

with all different people; my first girlfriend in elementary school had been black.

She gave me a black eye for stealing a kiss, but for a moment, there'd been


So, I'm high, feeling buzzed and this fine milk chocolate

woman walks in and sits at a table near the dance floor.

I'm wondering if I'm seeing correct because she couldn't

possibly be as pretty as I thought she was. Some jerk

asked her to dance, she accepted and somehow ended

near my side of the floor. I'd been wrong, she was better

looking than I thought. Her eyes were large with long

lashes, full lips, beautiful teeth and pretty curly hair. Her legs were long and

toned. My heart raced as she returned to her seat. I made up in my mind right

then, I had to taste her. I'm not going to lie, a relationship wasn’t in my mind at

the time. I wanted to fuck her hard and fast. walked over to her table, took her

hand and simply said. "Dance with me." She wore this surprised look on her

face, but she moved toward me. "I'm Irish, what's your  name?" I asked.

Denise," she said and we've been dancing ever since.

Now no relationship is without it's ups and

downs. We've had our share. During the eight

years we've been together, we had two

beautiful girls, twins. Shannon and Shantelle,

the little demons keep us grounded. I've asked

Denise to marry me, she accepted. To get the full detail of the rocky

relationship, get my  story, "Ready for Love". It has more details than I can get

into now. I just hope her dad,the Rev. Brown, who hates me for being white,

doesn't do anything to spoil our day.

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